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I'm trying to loosen up...

    • Wriggers
      Joined: 21.07.2009 Posts: 3,250
      Just wondered which hands I should start to play. Currently, according to Leakbuster, i'm playing too tight in every single position and not defending my blinds enough. I'm currently playing the obvious hands, I bring in suited connectors in MP so I can be in position postflop as much as possible and i'm stealing from MP3, CO and BU with 2 face cards, mid-aces, low suited aces, sometimes suited 2 gappers and unsuited connectors. I also steal with stuff like J9, Q9.

      Just wondering what I should add into this equation, especially from BU and CO for stealing. Also, i'm struggling with what to play in UTG+1, I currently only play AQ+ or AJs+ along with 66+.

      Thanks, btw, if it matters at all, I play NL25FR.
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    • wasy8
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    • Wriggers
      Joined: 21.07.2009 Posts: 3,250
      10.5/8.1 with 3bet of 3.4 and 4bet of 0.5

      Position wise the worry areas are Early position with 7.5 O/R and Late Positions with 19.8 O/R.

      I also fold BB 87% of the time to steal apparently. And my Steal Pct is 18.1.
    • supeyrio
      Joined: 11.11.2009 Posts: 3,106
      post wrongly. bleh :P
    • Hajler
      Joined: 21.10.2008 Posts: 270

      How many tables are you playing? Unless you are 12+ tabling or something I agree that you could definitely use a bit of loosening up.

      I just moved up from NL25 FR myself so hopefully I can give some relevant advice. From EP I don't think opening tight is that bad. From UTG+1 I personally open something like 22+, KQs, ATs+, AQ+, and will tighten up or loosen up depending on the table and my image.

      I think your ATS is too low for sure. My ATS for NL25 was 37% and I made a very good profit off just steals alone. Most people just wont play back at you even if you are raising every time, and you should abuse this. Against people with high fold to steal I will raise any two from CO/BU/SB. Against aggressive regs you have to be more picky with what you raise, especially from SB, as they can easily make your life hell. If there aren't any big fish on the table and I have an agro reg to my left I usually just leave the table. You don't have to go crazy stealing but I think you should aim for at least 25%.

      I'm not sure if it falls into the category of loosening up, but isolation plays with mediocre hands are also very important. Are you isolating limpers/fish often?

      Anyways I would recommend just starting with stealing looser and then working your way from there. What and when you raise is really situation dependent, so you cant just follow a set guideline every time. I think the biggest advantage to playing looser is that you actually get action with your big hands - nothing sucks more than waiting forever for a good hand and then picking up the blinds. :f_mad:

      Hope it helps.
    • Wriggers
      Joined: 21.07.2009 Posts: 3,250
      Thanks for the advice :) As I matter of fact I do play 12-16 tables, but I definately need to loosen up. I'm pretty good at multi-tasking and I can always remember what i've been doing recently at each table.

      I agree with the steal thing :) And no, I don't seem to be isolating the limpers much at all, I think that's a major leak in my game, same with lighter 3bets. Because when playing against a decent reg you have a lot of hands on and you pick up a hand like AA, the only time you ever getting a lot of action is when he's got KK, because they will see me as the kind of player I see them as... And that is the "Won't really 3bet with anything less than QQ" type of player :P Last few sessions i've been loosening up a bit and it seems to be working, I have no issues with the amount of tables so that's fine. So yeah, I just need to try and isolate a bit more, so any help of the ranges of mediocre hands I should be isolating with is much appreciated :) Thanks.
    • Bierbaer
      Joined: 27.05.2005 Posts: 7,989
      You might find this post helpful ;) .

      In general I think you should be careful OOP.
      It's nice to loosen up your game when it improves your winrate, but if you loosen up to have better stats it usually ends in spewing away stack after stack because you'll find yourself in very marginal spots OOP in which you're purely guessing about the opponents range.
      Also people might react differently to you because you have looser stats - maybe a bluff that would've worked having tight stats suddenly gets called down by 2nd pair because everybody thinks you're bluffing.

      Conclusion: Start on the BU.
      When you're comfortable there: try it on the CO, but you should still be significantly tighter in the CO than on the BU - 1 position can make a huge difference.

      In all the other positions it's depends heavily on the actualy situation.
      In general you might want to raise some more suited hands if there's a fish in the blinds (opportunity to play against him) and also you want tight players behind you.
      If you raise K7s UTG to isolate a fish in the BB and a good reg on the BU calls you, there's not too much you can do postflop but either b/f flop or c/f flop.
    • Wriggers
      Joined: 21.07.2009 Posts: 3,250
      Sorry Bierbaer, when you made this post I was busy doing Uni work for 2 weeks so didn't see it :D Very helpful post indeed, thank you :)

      I have actually cut down on my tables since I started loosening up, i'm now only playing 9 and i've opened up my range a lot. I'm stealing a lot more and it's usually successful, there are some tables where I will refuse to steal a lot because an aggro donk 3bets me constantly and puts me in tough spots :D But i've noticed a LOT of the regs on NL25 FTS over 90% of the time, so I can make a lot off them :)

      I've also improved my postflop game a lot since cutting down on tables, i'm now realising there are spots where I can float the flop Cbet with air and raise the turn, ultra-strong line at NL25 and you can push regs off hands like TPTK with that line :D

      Anyway, long story short, thank you all for your advice!