Run from 50$-100$ finally

    • Ludafer
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      Got your 50$ 4 days ago..and now finally reached the 100$ mark. first day I was messing so heavily to get the tracker working but managed it on the next day. so 50$-62$ part is missing but that was straight up 45 degrees:D So heres where I am standing now after 3 days of recording hands.

      But even more I like to watch my date graph :D

      Anyways I feel that the 100 party poker bonus release is more then enough. I mean I cant say that I ran so good. I just didnt have too many bad beats. All of my pocket pairs held up nicely between 82-100%(KK - 17 times and 100% sweeet :D ) First 3 days was purely NL4 and the last day was NL10.

      Now just cant wait to get to NL20.. not sure with what BR will I start there but I'll see.. Around 120$ would be OK i guess.
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