Do we receive rakeback with a PS tracked account of FT?

    • blackops888
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      I saw there is a site called [Removed by EagleStar88] from which a player can get a marketing code and receive 27% rakeback. I would like to play on FT with a tracked account on pokerstrategy, though, but I can only register one code on my account. It seems I'll have to choose between pokerstrategy and [Removed by EagleStar88]!

      Is it possible to receive any rakeback when I have an account registered on FT with pokerstrategy marketing code?

      If I have to choose, I'd rather receive rakeback, but it would be nice to track my account on PS AND have rakeback! :s_cool:
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    • thazar
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      Please don't mention other affiliates it is against the board rules.

      If you already have an account at full tilt you cannot re-track it with Pokerstrategy. If don't have an account with FullTilt you can deposit there using the bonus code PSVIP
    • Joronamo
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      If your FTP account is tracked to pokerstrategy you get 27% rakeback as well as strategy content and SPs. Hope this helps.