I've recently been going over my hands, and I'm doing it in a bit of a vacuum - by that I mean I'm not sure if what I'm doing is correct. So my question is, how do you review your played sessions?

* Do you only look at the hands you noted for review whilst playing?
* Only the hands that you saw the flop with?
* Hands that you folded pre-flop?
* Look at ways to improve/control your aggression by looking at your pre and post flop play?
* Try to spot missed opportunities for bluffs and steals.

I post hands that I'm never quite sure about in the Hand Eval forum, but I try to focus on hands where I don't think I played optimally (regardless of if I took the pot or lost it). I also use pokerstove to evaluate the equity of my hands.

Does all the above sound like a good review plan? I would be interested in getting some feedback from others with regards to their reviews and how they do it - particularly some of the more experienced players. (For those interested, I play Micro-FLHE.)

Anyway, thanks for reading!