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    • tfsantos
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      Does anybody uses leak buster or a similar software?
      I am interested in analysing my database so far and to continue doing so to check for leaks and to remove them over time.
      Do you like this software or you prefer another?
      Please, let me know names of other programs, so that i can use their free trial. The one from leak buster has already expired.

      Best regards
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    • erptech
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      this software is designed to point out to some basic leaks, however it alone is not enough to make you a winning player.
      but if you buy the software, i believe there are workshops included, and professionals will show you how to use it optimally. (check that)

      its main advantage is that it shows you how to properly analyse your database, in case you don't know that yet.

      i'm not familiar with any other software of this kind