6max Hyper-Turbo SNGs

    • klimbo
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      I have been looking for a guide on how to beat the 6max Hyper-Turbo SNGs on PokerStars but I am struggling to find anything decent.

      If Jorj95 can top the leaderboards for midstake SNG winnings and reach supernova elite within 3 months playing only hyper-turbos they must be worth a try!

      Anyone got some advice for those?

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    • justkyle88
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      These games are basically ICM.
      You may get sum HU play if you knock out the others quickly but they are real tilters and huge variance.
      But I knew a few people that have crushed them so they are definitely beatable.
      Right up to the $100's+
    • alejandrosh
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      they're definetly profitable , it sucks that they only run at certain hours at the low stakes. and starting at the $88 (the first stake running all day) with a bunch of good regs is suicide.

      I don't think you will find a general push/fold chart or something for this sngs, they are satelites and have diferent structure between buyins (some pay the buyin back to 3rd) , buy SNG wizard and studying yourself is probably the way to go.