Full tilt account currency

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    • poldinhoo
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      Hi JChill,

      Everything is in $US and as poldinhoo mentioned I'm not aware of any option to € or £ etc.

      As a U.K. player, I'm still able to deposit in £, but it gets instantly converted into $ and credited to my account. Similarly on withdraws, I state a $ amount to withdraw, but my bank account/card is credited in £. You get to see the conversion rate too before confirming.

      From previous experience the exchange rate is pretty standard to the going "high street" rate, i.e. it's a fair rate and I've never been charged extra for the conversion either by Full Tilt or my bank (although not all banks are the same, so check with your own perhaps first).

      Hope this helps, best regards,

    • JChill
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      Thanks for the answers.Had a feeling they don't support multi-currency,but wanted to make sure.
    • peche025
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      I think there exchange rates are excellant, it's far better to let them make the conversions on deposits/withdrawals than for example moneybookers or your bank account.

      At least this is my experience.