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    • asmirovic
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      Hello guys!
      ATM am playin at pokerstars, which as we know doesnt give a lot RB , so I decided to move to site which is reliable, has enough players and offer decent RB.
      I know there is FTP, but I dont like their philosophy of taking away from your rb, for any activity you made on site(cashin, cashout,buying from stoer ect).

      I ve read that PP offers up to 40% rb with their VIP system, so can anyone pls tell me how they RB system works?

      Do they give you $ or you buy $ with points there?

      Best regards
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    • i5bet72o
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      The vip system is kinda like stars. At really high volume levels u can get 40% RB. At lower levels u get like 20ish% RB+promos+depo bonus which equates to btwn 30-40% RB
    • darkod80
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      yes you can get up to 40% IF YOU RAKE LIKE $10000000000000000000 a month, there are some platforms that offer 30% rake back every monts no matter how mauch you raked and still have decent number of players -up to 10 000 . Check pokerstrategy com for details and if you want rake back stay away from party poker.
    • HannesZ
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      Hey asmirovic,

      As i5bet72o already wrote there is no direct rakeback on PartyPoker. However as a VIP player and with the promotions you will get way more than 40% rakeback, if you generate enough rake.

      If you want to get direct rakeback without any deductions, you can choose a poker room like Cake Poker, 24hPoker or Poker Heaven.

      For an overview of our partner poker rooms please see:
      The Best Bonuses in Online Poker

      If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

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