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Missing the Flop with two overcards

    • samlar
      Joined: 18.09.2010 Posts: 147
      I have been getting into a situation where I raise and get called but I miss the flop and I am left with two over cards.

      Assuming I do not have a read on the villain, do I continuation bet if I am out of position if the board isn't draw heavy or do I just check?
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    • rarama
      Joined: 23.10.2010 Posts: 15
      I can't really help you much on your question, cause I think you read my mind. I was about to ask the exact same question on here.

      This happens to me a lot also. I'll have a hand like AK and miss the Flop but if Villain is loose (which is quite often) I usually check (both in and out of position) for pot control. But then they'll bet if I check to them or they'll bet out on the turn when I don'd CBet the flop and I have to fold.

      Hopefully we get some help on your question.
    • Wriggers
      Joined: 21.07.2009 Posts: 3,250
      Check your stats :) If you see they fold to Cbets a lot, throw out a 2/3 pot Cbet in this situation, and fold to any resistance. Usually in these situations on the micros it's best to throw out a Cbet, because more often than not you take down the pot because of what their preflop calling range is. If it's a nice, dry board with no real draws on the only thing they are likely to be calling with preflop that hit the flop is a pocket pair that's made a set. Or maybe they flopped second pair with their pocket pair and want to call you down, in which case on the turn you can check to them and more than likely they will check it down with you.

      Don't know if that's entirely correct but that's what I have picked up from my experience :)
    • SiXAT
      Joined: 28.09.2008 Posts: 263
      its pretty easy there are some scenarios that are possible:
      draw heavy board means he often catches something so he will fold rarely so if we want a fold it can be done with 2nd and 3rd barrels, and this is very risky play especialy on micros. bet flop check fold river if he bets is also not worthy, and if we missed and he catched something so hoping to win at showdown is not the best option so the best is check fold flop, and once in a while if you are pretty sure he will give you credit and a big chance he missed you cbet bluff 2nd barrel maybe 3 barrel(better avoid big bluffs often)/