hello everyone,

i want to practice a lot the push or fold game and if posible also middle phase with stealing and reraising allin. now, i'm stuck becouse of the lack of the training sofwares. so far the only programs i know to help me do this are ICM Trainer and SitNGo Wizard. my problem is that i want some sort of push/fold simulators that gives me situations that are very close to the real ones i keep finding myself at the tables in.

ICM Trainers minus: doesn't have the opponents ranges, wich i find really important. so i thought to myself to just wait till i build my bankroll and buy the SitNGo Wizard. now i am tired of waiting and just launched the trial version of it, only to see that SitNGo Wizard quiz (trainer) just keeps giving me situations that i'm not interested in. meaning they are either just to easy, or they are just that types of situation that almost never occurs at the tables (situations like i have only 2 BB left or less than that for instance....).

so i thought i should change the option of the quiz, but i'm having issues with that. ok, so if i want to change the difficulty i do it, that's just fine. but the most difficult situations i find meself verry often at the tables are either on th bubble or when me and my opponents have similar stack sizes. so in order to get the situations when all the players have similar stack sizes i thought to increase the minimum stack size in the options (by the way between 0 and 100 i understand smth like: the player has between 0% and 100% of the total stackpool wich at an a STT sng on fulltilt would be 13500 chips, so if i want that everyone at the table to have chipstack minimum 1000 chips i set the minimum stack value to 10.... that's how i get it, please correct me if i'm wrong).
but that doesn't work however. if i type minimum stack value 10 both to the hero and opponents the SitNGo Wizard tels me it can't run such a quiz....

so basicly i want to set the options of the quiz to give me similar stack sizes at all the players at the table.... how do i do that, please help :)

when i took the picture i was trying only the calling mode of the hero with 6 pers at the table...