lost for words

    • NeilSimpson
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      ive been playing nl50 on ftp the last few weeks.....and i am actually for the first time in my poker career lost for words...relentless bad beats..literally relentless.....i fought tooth and nail to keep going and playing well but there was just nothing i culd do......everytime i had aa someone flopped a set against me....every card that gave me the nut flush gave sum1 a full house....every time i flopped a set i got rivered by something....everytime i had kk i ran into aa and didnt luck out once.....it has left me feeling extremely pissed off......i play a solid tight aggressive game and just keep running into ridiculus periods where i lose everything simply through bad luck...i have holdem manager and go back and replay my hands and come to the same conclusion on 90% of my losing ones....i just got completely fkin screwed by some fish playin like a retard!i just cant understand why this keeps happening to me....when i run normal i win solidly so i know my game is good and then everything just collapses in on me....i need some encouragement before i throw my laptop out a window....
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