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      Hello, mates! :)

      As Christmas is not far away, I decided to buy myself a present (for 1st time btw) - a good book.

      So have you advices?
      (I play $2.25 turbo SnG on FT)

      my interests for a book (should include):

      :diamond: to improve SnG knowledge/strategy

      :diamond: How to think about/analyze opponent's game/decisions/reasons (or it's enough to have it from "Poker Mindset" about leveling? :s_confused: - which I have already read.

      :diamond: ofc.some hand examples as well.

      I already have printed out all available pokerstrategy.com articles and have read the most of them, but I want add something more to my poker viewpoint/development.

      So be welcome to share ideas!

      Thank You,

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