Starting Capital Dissapeared.

    • IceFingers
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      I have recieved my starting capital for william hill a month or so back, i have been busy with other things and not had chance to play, but i go to sit down to play tonight and my balance is a £0.00 when it used to be £31.XX

      What the hell has happened! ?

      Any help would be appreciated.
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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi IceFingers,

      The following quote is from the William Hill guide:

      When you download the software through you will receive a free $50 sum.

      However, if you don't generate any rake within 14 days of receiving your $50 starting capital (i.e. if you don't play), William Hill will retract the money.

      The $50 will also be retracted if you don't deposit at least $100 or play $50 in rake within 150 days. If you have less than $50 in your account at that point, only the remaining amount will expire.
      I'm guessing it will be due to the latter of these.

      The only suggestion I have is that you contact William Hill's support team to see if there is any chance of getting it restored, but it might not be possible, I honestly don't know.

      If it isn't, then you could always deposit a little of your own funds or try cashing in a few freerolls to kick start a bankroll.

      Good luck, hope you get it sorted ok.

      Best regards,

    • Miske91
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      I still have not received the initial $ 50 ... wait for 7 days
    • HannesZ
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      Hey Miske91,

      I already answered to your post in the other thread :)
      Starting Capital