Another disappointed moment

    • kiromanAAKK
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      I am going to losing my Silver staus due once again problem with the SP. In fact, it is now over a week that Bwin (and doesn't sent over to any update on rake.

      As I said, this isn't the first time (and maybe even last) and unfortunately (my lucky :D ) Bwin and are the only rooms active tracked with

      I am playing on these rooms exclusively for the pourpose to accumulate SP for partecipating to some Silver coaching and for videos and articles as the main rooms where I am playing unfortunately aren't tracked because I opened the accounts to them before only after I have entered in

      It is shame as there are on Pokerstrategy some great coaching that (and that IMHO of course) are even of excellent rate and worth (even more) my effort to accumulate points.
      Same arguments for videos and articles like for example, the last one of silver status dedicated to the session review (How to conduct a session review) that is gold from the sky ;) .
      I don't know what else to say as I realize that al the matter unfortunately isn't in the hands and also, that is the classic thing where nobody is guilty really. There isn't nothing else to do then pray and hope for the best. In the main time, I hope all the best for you all :heart:
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    • justkyle88
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      Hey kiromanAAKK,

      I understand your frustration during these times but we just ask you to be patient.

      Whilst generally the points are updated quickly (just a couple of days delay) most of the time, there are sometimes small delays, the most common reasons for these are as follows:

      1. Some form of platform delay in sending the tracked player data (beyond PokerStrategy control);
      2. Newly signed up accounts sometimes take a few days to be totally tracked through;
      3. Around the start and end of calender months, sometimes a few days delay whilst PokerStrategy gather data, update points & calculate status upgrades etc.

      These are normal, don't panic, you will not lose any points, they will all still be recorded and will be visable on your home page within a few days (maybe even just hours).

      Best regards,