[Application] Looking for nl2 6max stake

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      Hey im just looking for a nl2 6max stake since i started playing HU sitngo and blew my bankroll after getting too cocky.
      I only recently started playing poker, im 18 and i deposited $20 2 weeks ago to stars and got it up to $30 playing nl2 6max then as i said i tried out HU sitngo's, got a few wins and my ego got inflated then i proceeded to lose it all. Im constantly on 2p2 reading the theory,strats and hand evaluations im 100% certain i can beat nl2, i just have to not play HU sitngos :) . If anyone would like to give me a shot it would be greatly appreciated i dont want much $20 is fine, although im not sure exactly how stacking works.

      Edit; I can play 6+ hours a day since i dont work atm.

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