[NL2-NL10] TT folded on flop

    • Utahmar
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      Full Tilt Poker
      No Limit Holdem Ring game
      Blinds: $0.25/$0.50
      8 players

      Stack sizes:
      UTG: $21.60
      UTG+1: $24.45
      Utahmar: $11.70
      MP2: $22.10
      CO: $18.90
      Button: $68.70
      SB: $16.05
      BB: $14.65

      Pre-flop: (8 players) Utahmar is MP1 with T T
      2 folds, Utahmar raises to $2, 3 folds, SB calls $1.75 (pot was $2.75), BB folds.

      Flop: 6 2 K ($4.5, 2 players)
      SB bets $3.5, Utahmar folds.
      Uncalled bets: $3.5 returned to SB.

      Final pot: $4.5

      I folded here, like i should have at the QQ, so this is ok i think.
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    • Berliner1982
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      Here it is ok, since besides the Overcard a Flushdraw is also possible, and their are more cards in the deck you don´t want to see on the turn. But do not fold to often against such donkbet like these, otherwise your opponents will start doing it more often.