sng superstion

    • godders248
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      Just a quick bit of useless information for the superstious.
      Every night i play sng's and before i start i have quick cigarette outisde , every night with out fail a black cat walks past and i seem to play well just bad beats tonight i scared the little shit from walking in front ill post how i do !!!
      useless info just thought id post :D
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    • MatejM47
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      Yeah black cats area bitch,
    • Berzerger
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      A funny experiment on superstition has been done with a pigeon. The pigeon had a feeder that went off randomly, and when that pigeon turned his head to the left the feeder happened to drop some food. Since then the pigeon was sporadically turning his head to the left, even though it had no influence over whether or not he'd receive food.