[NL2-NL10] NL10 SH am i too aggressive here?

    • Floating
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      Floatin is at seat 0 with $9.95.
      Jenson1981 is at seat 1 with $9.
      -diesirae- is at seat 3 with $5.35.
      enzodelyon is at seat 4 with $13.64.
      lrochet is at seat 5 with $9.64.

      The dealer is seat 1.

      -diesirae- posts a blind of $.05.
      enzodelyon posts a blind of $.10.

      (Floatin is dealt Q :spade: A :spade: )

      lrochet calls for $.10.
      Floatin raises $.40.
      Jenson1981 folds.
      -diesirae- folds.
      enzodelyon folds.
      lrochet calls for $.40.

      The flop comes
      A :heart: 9 :spade: 9 :diamond:

      lrochet bets $.10.
      Floatin raises $.70.
      lrochet raises $.70.
      Floatin raises $2.30.
      lrochet calls for $2.30.

      The turn comes 6 :heart:

      lrochet bets $.10.
      Floatin raises $5.15.
      lrochet goes all-in for $5.24.
      Floatin calls for $.09.
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    • aanty2000
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      hmm ... he limps early position and calls your raise so it is not likely to have you dominted by ak or aa kk . he minbets and min reraise after you raise . this makes you think . cand he do this with a weak ace ? i guess not ... i think the flop hited him big and he looks like an idiot that minbets with the purpose to get raised and come over . i would check the turn and fold to an allin bet .

      ps. at this limit players are very idiot and can do this play with a weak pair or maybe a weak ace so wont surprise me if he he had a weaker hand then yours at showdown .
    • Floating
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      thx aanty,

      just did not know how to interpret the miniraises here, so i put him at A low kicker here (indeed very common at this level + he had around vpip 60%)

      so i can conclude that in such cases miniraises generally indicate strength?
    • Puschkin81
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      Hi Floating!

      Since he bet/raises on the flop I think he has a strong hand. I would just call the raise and hope to check/call it down. If he pushes all-in: fold.

      Good luck at the tables!