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    • radler101
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      For a some while now thinking about blog, so here it is. Hope it will help my game, increase motivation to reach my goals and of course improve my english. I'm a 9 man Turbo SnG player, currently at micro stakes on Full Tilt. As most of the people I started by playing freeroll's not knowing any single thing about poker exept combinations :) . But from late august I started to read some articles, forums and books about poker.

      So yeah, recently made my first deposit on FTP for 100$. Have played about 150 tourneys in three days. And had some swings already, but I don't care much about it. Really don't know what to write here more... So gonna post just my goals:

      Goals for december:
      []play 1000 tourneys
      []watch PokerStrategy videos (at least 1 at a day)
      []read silver articles
      []review my game after each session
      []complete reading Phil Shaw "Secrets of Sit'n'Goes"
      []learn ICM

      Bit longer term goals:
      []play 1k tourneys every month
      []reach 6.50s in 2 months
      []get coaching
      []know my leaks, get rid of them

      Well, that would be enough for now. I will update this blog if I got something to say. Bye!
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    • lessthanthreee
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      good luck!

      you have some solid goals
    • radler101
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      Really don't know whats happening to my game... It seems that I bubble out in every single tournament i play, rough. I'm even not tilting, but on bubble every hand beats mine - not what you want if bankroll is(was) only 100 bucks.

      But got to keep grinding. Hope that tomorrow all gonna turn around. So far:
      1st place - 13%; 2nd - 8.1; 3rd - 15.5; 4th - 19.9.
    • Ickki
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      Don't worry. Just make sure, you're playing positive EV poker.

      I busted on 6 in a row this morning. And then got ITM the next 5/6 tournaments.

      And maybe play a bit more conservatively on the bubble, when you're short-stacked.

      Good luck!
    • Yoshimitsu77
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      all my SNG wins and losses seem to come in sets, ive not ITM'ed 9 tables in a row onces then went hot and won 4 tables straight, it can be emotional.