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What's the difference between NL and PL strategy

    • rarama
      Joined: 23.10.2010 Posts: 15
      I've been playing more and more PL25 since that's the game I'm winning in. The thing I don't understand is I play the exact same way in both games (using the PokerStrategy style, starting hand chart and everything) and I don't really see much of a difference as far as the games are concerned. In NL25 you rarely see guys overbet the pot so I don't really see why I'm winning in PL25 but not in NL25.

      In my last 12,094 hands I played 8900 hands in 25PL and 3194 hands in 25NL. My 25PL profit is 10BB/100 but in 25NL I have a loss of -9.8BB/100. I have close to 60,000 hands in my database and it's roughly the same results as before, I win in PL but lose in NL.

      Looking at my stats I do notice there's a few differences.
      Open Raise Late Pos - 39.6
      Aggression Factor - 3.3
      Win $ At Showdown - 64.9%

      Open Raise Late Pos - 31.1
      Aggression Factor - 2.4
      Win $ At Showdown - 39.1%

      Considering I play the exact same way in both games, I guess players in NL25 are a bit more loose aggressive compared to PL25.

      So what would I need to tweak when I'm in the NL tables?
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