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$50 Start... $1000 goal

    • sokoi
      Joined: 23.11.2010 Posts: 125
      I've following some of the posts and find them very informative, taking a bit of info from everyone's success' to their cold streaks and figured why not creat a mini blof of my own.

      As some, or most of us here received that $50 starting BR from pokerstrategy and we're all trying to turn it into a nice comfortable BR to continue what we all love to do which is, play poker!

      Thus far, I've played in a few $6 SNG's having a bit of success. SNG's aren't exactly my favourite, but their something to past the time and have a bit of fun at.

      I've played in close to 5 tournaments and have won 2 of them. My first tournament on partypoker was for $11 with a BR $50 so not exactly the smartest of moves but that night was a major win for me winning $254 especially not having played online poker for cash that is in nearly 4 years. So a huge moral booster!! Second tournament was for $6 and won that won taking home $275.

      Cash games is where I'd love to be good at, so now that my BR has increased I've been taking to the tables a bit more. This is where I need a bit of work. The .05/.10 tables seem to be a comfortable level right now but I do love the action and success I've been having at .10/.25. as well. I found a previous poster state his rules at cash tables and I think I'm going to apply that as well. His rule was, once he doubles up at that table he moves on. Now, I on the other hand if I'm having a good feeling that this table is and has been the most profitable I'll stay. It's hard sticking to such a strict rule. This is of coarse is if I've got good notes and reads of everyone I'll stay. I'm finding though, everyone eles has their own rules and whether their winning/losing they'll leave so basically your starting over with fresh faces so I get up, take my chips and try again at another table.

      So all said and done, i've attained my first goal from $50 to $526 in just 2 weeks. My next marker I'm aiming for is $700 and hopefully $1000 before the end of January! I'm not sure if that's a realistic goal and if the time frame is too long but it's something I've set for myself not getting many hours to play due to family and work so I have to pick my moments and hopefully make it count!

      Thanks for take the time to read and do enjoy everyone's feedback, comments/suggestions, tips'n tricks you name it! Cheers everyone!
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    • Hadi
      Joined: 09.08.2009 Posts: 12,303
      Well, there's not much to say other than congrats on that impressive feat - but try not to donk it all because you forget BRM. Poker is a game of variance, so don't get too cocky because of an upswing, no matter how big.
    • luitzen
      Joined: 03.04.2009 Posts: 664
      Usually I leave the table between making 30-50%.
    • MikeAK47
      Joined: 11.03.2008 Posts: 136
      Pretty realistic, I went from $10 to $1500 in 3 months playing SNGs with 50BI rule.

      If you play like 3 hours a day every day like I did then you should make it easily.

      Just be prepared for a downswing!
    • sokoi
      Joined: 23.11.2010 Posts: 125
      Thanks everyone... so update, i haven't been posting as much as i orginally thought, then again in past couple of weeks haven't played enough to report.

      So My goal of $700 is completed, actually was up too $800 just through tournaments being ITM etc etc.

      My dilema here, if it is one really is.. i'm back down a little over $700. I've taken my game to the cash tables to work on that aspect of it. I was doing pretty crappy, took some time to revaluate read some articles and for some reason reading SSS kind of sparked something and have played a lot better since... that was just a few nights ago. Brought my BR back up to $780 and then.... the downswing, i've lost all those profits from just the night before and am now hovering around the $700 marker.

      I've dropped down to .05/.10 and even there sticking to the SSS I'm losing there. I know it's a mental game and keeping my focus positive is what I'm doing, but any advice on how to break this slump? Play tighter?

      On a positive note, I have attained my goal of $700, so next is $1000... So i could really use some tips on SSS, its an area I'd love to be really good at.
      I'm trying remember who else posted on here, but you leave a table one you've doubled up at a cash table??