SnG player, who is bad in cash games

    • valdins666
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      Hello to all! :)

      I'm playing poker about 3 years - first year i was playing only playmoney, than second year i played with friends cash games, blinds was 1/2 cents, with beers.. just for fun.. But last few month i'm reading about sng and playing online/live. I have some first, second places in live poker as well and online. Yeah and i want become a successful sng player..
      The question is - is it possible to become a profitable sng player without cash game education and practice? Or cash game is a basic of poker?
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    • AquamanBT
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      Both are different games, that's why each has its own strategy section. And yes you can be a profitable sng player with no cash games experience.
    • HannesZ
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      Very important for SNG play is learning ICM. We have a special poker software where you can learn it. Have a look here:
      Training: The ICM Trainer

      But as AquamanBT already wrote you don't need to be a good cash game player to be good in SNGs. But sure if you are good in cash game, it will help you to play SNGs even better :)