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hello!im baaack

    • crodady
      Joined: 01.05.2009 Posts: 411
      hy..i reg on PS two years ago or something like that..i get my 50$ and i play kinda fishy but manage to make some BR almoust get to a point when i can play NL10..then some bad beats and my tilt nature get in surface..(i read only 10% of articles in that time)..then i widraw my money..then few months later...

      i depozit 10$ on one poker house playing NL4 ..was playing SS then LSS then MS..i play with all sorts of stacks and all sorts of ways that poker can be played and ways that dont have any sence from this point...i played fishy stile..ya know...and i lose money

      then i say to myself "poker is not game for you,its a fun but you didnt earn nothing,you canot buy yourself bread to eat from poker"....

      then after some time i start playing poker for fun...on facebook..i start to play with 1.000$ play money...that was fun..i played poker trought day and trought night..thats was my "love"..playing poker for fun..whenever i have free time i played poker on FB (parkour was my second love) play play hypnotized..i manage to get 100k then 1M...5M..20M..after long time playing i get to the point when i have 60M...i played fishy but better then other fishes..P.S A10 or K10 or sometimes 10J all in preflop was completly nuts for them...then i stop playing thinking that this have no sence at all..what i chase?i dont have really knowledge about poker?what is my goal?....

      ...then one day one of my friends come to my place and say to me "man you are really good at poker" like "whaaat,you gota be kiding me"...then he say " you got 60M on FB" thinking to myself "what he is thinking,they go all in with 9 5 preflop"...obviously i was pokerstar in his head...

      after some discusion we saw one poker bonus ..and he say " i have some bucks on moneybookers that i canot widraw,you want 10 bucks to play?"..i stay speechles thinking "i canot borow money for playing poker,gamblers do that,i dont wana be a gambler"....what a heck i accept his proposal..we are Balkans after all...

      i get my 10$ and start playing on last site,yes that site where i lose previous 10$... started to playy NL4 with 35-50bb per table...i know there is no sence to play with 35bb but i played it like that...manage to get 100$ after month or two...and i widraw that leaving 10$ bucks on my poker account...i do that few times ...going to 100bucks and widraw..i earn about 1000 bucks playing NL4 and only NL4 with my fishy be honest im not proud on my playing and widrawing money..but i know that im not ready for NL10...thinking "i have experience on NL4 but i have very little knowledge about tacticks and poker itself"...what i do with a money? thats completly new story :f_biggrin:

      ...then after some bad beats i go completly crazy and go to psyhohospital..nooo,im just kidding :f_biggrin: ....after every bad beat i got very tilt...then downstream comes ...i lose lots of hand where i have almoust completly nuts...i broke many things...i smash about 6 keyboards,8 mouses,3 headphones,two chairs,one closet or cabinet,lot of bottles,two Pc confuguration,5 dsl routers i even smash doors with my elbow P.S doors not go down and my elbows are just fine :f_biggrin: not proud on my past behavior just wana be honest...then i start reading one book..i read half book and i quit with reading,...start to play again and boost my BR to 150$ and then i get bored by playing NL4 thinking " i dont have really knowledge about poker to play biger limits,and i dont have properly BR to play higher limts...

      i was like "im quit with playing poker,this is not funy anymore..playing and widraw is not fun anymore P.S if i widraw 5-6k per month that would be fun :f_p: ..but i widraw 150-200$ max per month..with that money i cant eat like normal epicurean (gurman) :s_biggrin: ...

      ...then after some thime something click in my head "im member of pokertrategy and i read something about poker there...i remember they have Strategy part where i see many articles,and videos...god knows how many videos they have there..they could help me to to learn new things about poker,they can help me to get out of that god damn NL4"...

      at that point i was all "horny" about poker like i was never before...and here i am...three day no sleep reading about poker like teen who discovery xxx art...i have freetime like never bofore,not having girl/s but only ex girlfriends :f_biggrin: P.S today i sleep for 13 hours and im ready for more poker things..having energy for 3 days :f_p: ...btw i play poker max half hour at priority is learn learn and learn about poker

      im grateful to pokerstrategy and their personal who are always here for their members and for me too...

      im especialy gratefull to pro judge veriz who analize my hands and who help me in every noob question..he have patience with every player profesionally doing his job at high level

      P.S right now im alone at home for two weeks,cooking meat,pasta :f_love:
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    • EagleStar88
      Joined: 06.10.2008 Posts: 7,359
      Wow some journey :P

      Welcome back crodady, good to see you again.

      Wishing you every continued success and enjoyment in your poker.

      Let us know how you get on, maybe consider starting a blog in the blog section of the forum?

      Best regards,

    • crodady
      Joined: 01.05.2009 Posts: 411
      ty EagleStar..i appriciate that :f_biggrin:

      first i must see all articles in section hungry for knowledge about poker..especialy BSS and MTT..and must see some videos for begining...then ill think about blog

      nice to meet ya EagleStar.... c ya around