tranferencias de dinheiro no poker HELP

    • Monk1337
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      Boas alguém de máxima confiança aqui no site costuma ajudar a tranferir dinheiro de XXX para XXX? Ando sick da everest, o montante são XX$ mas tem de ser alguém de máxima confiança no site claro... Nem sei se isto é possível mas eu preciso mesmo de ajuda nisto

      é possível e legal ou não?
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    • Monk1337
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      sorry only now i notice i typed all in pt

      well im looking for some one who can transfer my money from XXX poker , to XXX [Edited by EagleStar88] but i need some one who is very active in here and at least 1 member we all trust. i dont want to be scammed.

      I need transfer XX$

      I don't know if its possible but i need help, anything you can say for help i will appreciate.
      sorry my lame English
    • EagleStar88
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      Hi Monk1337,

      Good to see you in the English community and thanks for translating for us ;)

      As you have indicated, PokerStrategy take the financial & data protection of it's membership very seriously and to protect members (including yourself), we don't allow the discussion or request of private money transfers (see Forum Rules).

      Rule 3: No advertising

      • No requests or offers for private money transfers
      • No advertising of affiliate offers/poker sites, who finance themselves through affiliate marketing
      • No soliciting from poker rooms that we do not collaborate with
      • Only our coaches and video producers are permitted to offer private coaching (private poker lessons)
      Sorry I will have to close your thread. Thank you for your understanding and good luck.

      Best regards,