First downswing

    • Royaltramp
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      It's my 3rd (2nd full) day playing since I received my $50 starting capital, I started this morning with just under $55 and right now I have just under $45. Lots of bad beats, lost an entire buy-in with AA at least twice. Then the tilt got to me and I started playing a little too loose and lost more.

      Giving it a break for a night, and thought it'd be good to vent here. I'm happy with my play though, as while there were a few moments of tilt overall I never attempted to move up limits to make up for what I'd lost - and only made a few stupid plays, plus I'm actually quitting while down for once instead of trying to play until I'm ahead again (aka digging a deeper hole)

      Today's shown me that I've really improved recently, as in the past I'd dramatically change my play when I'm down.

      Today's also made me decide I need a stop loss limit, which I've decided will be 2 buy-ins for any session and 3 buy-ins for any day.
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