[NL2-NL10] NL2 AKs flush draw

    • Royaltramp
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      0.01/0.02 No-Limit Hold'em (10 handed)
      Hand recorder used for this poker hand: Elephant 0.90 by www.pokerstrategy.com.

      Preflop: Hero is SB with A:heart: , K:heart:
      6 folds, CO raises to $0.07, BU folds, Hero raises to $0.22, BB folds, CO raises to $0.87, Hero calls $0.59.

      Flop: ($1.70) 7:diamond: , 5:heart: , 3:heart: (2 players)
      Hero bets $0.8, CO raises to $1.18 (All-In), Hero raises to $1.17 (All-In).

      Turn: ($4.05) T:club:
      River: ($4.05) 2:heart: (2 players)

      Final Pot: $4.05

      Results follow (highlight to see):
      CO shows a pair of kings (Ks Kc)
      Hero shows a flush, ace high (Ah Kh)

      Hero wins with a flush, ace high (Ah Kh)

      --- Thoughts here?
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    • Tulabas
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      Call 4bet preflop is bad,cause u commit too much chips preflop and u will not hit a pair ofter...so u have to push after he 4bets or fold...i usaly fold in these spots, as your never ahead here...unless u have some specific reads.
    • funktor
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      Hi Royaltramp!

      In case the villain is moderately aggressive I would try to put it in preflop, as you will be OOP in rest of the hand. Playing AK this way as well protects your AA, KK hands... but villlain mostlikely does not care about that on NL2 ;) .

      As played, you should try to get in your money on flop. I would check to villain as he is going to bet the flop 100% of the time after preflop 4-bet and you can just shove to his bet.