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    • crowes
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      Hello, this is my first poker blog ever. I play online poker for 2 years and almost from the beginning I'm the member of this community, not so active but my English is reason for that as you can see :)
      I will play $2.40 10man STTs on William Hill with starting broll of $100. Also I saw today that I have $55 from TAF program so when I receive that money to my MB account I will include that to my small broll at WH.
      My main broll is on poker room which is not affiliated with ps so I don't know is it allowed to say the name of that room :) . Unfortunately my accounts on stars and ftp ( i have an old account on ftp but I was never actually played there and during the summer I was try to open new1 via ps but ftp support not allow that :f_cry: ) are not tracked via pokerstrategy so WH was my only choice since party poker is no good to start with micro bi STTs. When/If I make some bigger roll ( no matter on what room ) I will probably move to party poker.

      Decembar goals:
      :diamond: Play at least 30 tours a day
      :diamond: Achieve a gold status at PS
      :diamond: Post hands on hand evaluation forum
      :diamond: Watch again all bronze and silver stt videos

      Already have tickets for all big promotional freerolls at WH + New depositors freerolls so i hope that my br will have some big boost soon :f_p:
      This is all for now. Sry for my English but this blog will be a good practice.
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    • lessthanthreee
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      good luck with your SnGs

      nice goals!
    • JohnTheGreatest
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      Good luck with your career!

      I play SnGs on Full Tilt, micro limits, $1, $2 turbos.

      Yeah, posting hands deffo helps a lot and english community is pretty awesome. ;)

    • crowes
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      Thnx for reading.
      I have some problems with my pc these days. For some reasons cant conect to a lot of sites but I hope to fix this soon. Now I writing this from my friend pc.
      WH is very fishy, lot of hbls and peoples who try to trap with AQ :f_love: so this can be pretty profitable.
      Will be updating as soon as I fix my pc.