2times already

    • 999Nakkiel
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      Again- losing versus fullhouse. How it goes that players who got tripes only on flop versus my flush/straight always makes it to get a fullhouse?
      2 times already lost a good stack- i bet on flop, they rebets, i rebet they re-raised bets, they put all in. on flop they got a set, i got straight(first time), flush(second time) on river they manage to get a fullhouse. Looks like someone prefers that players on the table, who got the biggest stacks... :f_cry:
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    • HannesZ
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      Hey 999Nakkiel,

      Welcome to the forums. It is your first post :)

      Every poker players knows bad beats :D In the long run you will win such cases. Keep in mind, that it is one big session and don't think about those hands too long.

      Do you have some hands, where you felt unsure if you played those hands correctly? Then just put them in our hand evaluation forums. Our hand judges will help you to improve your game.