Hu sng ladder experiment

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      Inspired by a post I saw on 2+2 (by an infamous poster diebitter) I decided to take a 1k game trial into the idea of moving up aggressively down defensively playing Hu Sng’s.


      -To force myself to accept variance in my BR due to the constant changes in limits played
      - To find a limit at which I need to work on and improve my game before I can beat it.
      - To play 1k sng’s by jan 2011 and review my progress in written form every 100 games.


      HEM (holdemmanager)
      Hud stats
      Limp%/Steal%/Defend%/3bet%/fold to 3bet%

      Starting with $225

      BR Level
      0-50 1.05
      50-100 2.10
      100-200 10.5
      200-250 21

      when I hit $250, I now have 50BI at $5, so I retool

      BR Level
      0-50 1.05
      50-100 2.10
      100-250 5.25
      250-300 21
      300-500 31.5

      Again, at 500, I retool as I have 50BI at $10:

      BR Level
      0-50 1.05
      50-100 2.10
      100-250 5.25
      250-500 10.5
      500-1K 52.5


      I think that this experience will make it easier for me to take larger swings in bankroll and will also make me feel a lot less nervous when taking shots at new levels.

      I hope it will also make it easier for me to move down in limits when things aren’t going to well in the future…

      As far as my bankroll is at the end I have no prediction for this as I’m not really sure what heads up sng stakes I can beat.


      Game 1-100

      Games tilted - 1 (game 22)
      C-game - 10/12
      B/A game - 87/89

      Things didn’t start off too well I was hoping to hit the next tier pretty early on like first 20 games but it took 78 games for that to happen thanks to running well under ev on the $20 games. Didn’t get as frustrated as I thought I would with the constant up and down in stakes maybe because now matter how well I play its definitely inevitable.

      I’m playing these hu sng’s on 888 but I am surprised at how many of the players I’m facing are big time winners. It just doesn’t make sense how almost the entire player pool I’ve faced are winners according to Sharkscope (I’d say around 80%). For now it’s not an issue as sofar I’ve found a number of reads on the main regs which they still havent adapted to, but I may have to consider moving sites if I hit the $50+ games at any point in my experiment.

      Ended the first hundred games on a nice note though winning my first $30 match. Bring on the next hundred games!
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