Alright, I already got a blog up and running in the swedish section but somehow I thought it could be fun and somewhat educational to expand it into the english section.

So a presentation perhaps?

The name is Erik, I'm 18 years old and I've been playing poker since I was 13 give or take, However in the first few years I sticked solely to freerolls obviously. I am currently at my last year of high-school where my main orientation is business economy.

I currently play NL50, been running quite bad a few months but nothing serious, hopefully I'll be on the positive side soon again, only time will tell! :)

I play mainly at Entraction, untracked to pokerstrategy but I have created an account at Ipoker also which is tracked, however I only play there occasionally.

What you can expect from this blog
*A poker player which tries to apply a professional attitude towards his game and constantly works on improving his winrate by developing his playing style.
*You'll get to read some status updates from time to time how I have been running, how well I have been playing and much more.

I hope this blog can be helpful and motivating to others as well as a way for me to objectively improve my game by getting different perspectives on my so called poker carreer.

See yah at the tables! ( I'll be the shark eating all your chips away )