Nice session

    • Royaltramp
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      Some of you might have seen my post in the downswing forum the other day. I went from $55 to $45 in a day, then to $42, and today down to $35. I stopped since I lost more than my stop loss limit right there, and came back later feeling refreshed, in the last hour or so 4-tabling I'm back up to $37..

      Small return, but what I'm really happy about is there wasn't a single time in the entire session when I was in doubt about what to do, I folded all marginal hands instead of calling unsure, I didn't open limp at all, I stopped overplaying PPs and QJ, KJ, etc which were major leaks before - and best of all, this was my first successful 4 table session.

      So I'm really happy right now, even though I'm down $5 overall today, I think I've made a massive improvement in my overall play, and while my session is over for today as I'm a little tired and don't want to risk misplaying - I'm looking forward to what tomorrow'll bring.

      Maybe not deserving of a thread, but given how awful my play has been the last few days, to play so well this session I'm really happy :)
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    • fryandspicy
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      Good job. This thread reminds me of when i started grinding the micros so many weeks ago :f_p:

      It's frustrating when you're still learning to beat the micros and everyone else seems to make it look easy, but just keep on trucking and you'll get there eventually.