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[NL2-NL10] NL50 SH FD against very aggressive villain

    • degnic
      Joined: 06.02.2007 Posts: 3,953
      Titan No-Limit Hold'em, $0.25/$0.50BB (Titan HH Converter by Kreatief)

      SB ($62.70)
      BB ($70.55)
      MP2 ($44.36)
      MP3 ($32.20)
      CO ($35.38)
      Button ($74.85) (Hero)

      Preflop: Hero is Button with T:club: , Q:club:
      3 folds, Hero raises to $2.00, SB calls $1.75, 1 folds

      Flop: K:diamond: , 2:club: , 7:club: ( $4.5 )
      SB checks, Hero bets $3.50, SB raises to $12.00, Hero raises All-In $72.85, 1 folds

      Final Pot: $87.95

      Villain was quite tight but also very aggressive in the hands he took part in. Worth the stab on the flop or all-in too overplayed / obvious? Didn't think the flop hit him that hard as he propably would've 3bet preflop with any pocketpair and K with good kicker.
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    • rubysilesia
      Joined: 03.07.2007 Posts: 351
      U could also reraise him ~$35 (if he pushes u fold). This way u could avoid running into strong king and set here but u decrease fold equity obviously.
    • Nunki
      Joined: 25.10.2006 Posts: 865
      What's villain's range here? Maybe small PP, maybe some oddball K-x hand, FD or perhaps some suited hand with a 7 (9-7,8-7 etc) or air. On this basis the flop looks OK for re-bluff since you are likely to fold out most of this range. NH.

      The only question is how to maximize your FE. Since any reasonable 3bet on the flop commits you I don't see whats too wrong with shoving. A smaller 3bet is pehaps called/shoved over by a better FD.

      I'd be interested to hear what others have to say here about this hand.

      BTW Degnic, how do the SH games at Titan compare to Party?
    • degnic
      Joined: 06.02.2007 Posts: 3,953
      Titan NL20/NL50 SH are one big fishpools. While I got about 5ptBB/100 winrate on party, I've got ~15ptBB/100 winrate on Titan. Also while on party it was already pretty hard to find NL50SH tables with flops seen % over 20, on titan flops seen % over 50% isn't very uncommon. I also played a little of NL10SH when I made my first deposit but those tables I can't recommend from titan as for some reason most players play it with min buy-in, so it's pretty hard to find good tables on that limit.

      There's one big downside on Titan though, you can't get any kind of rakeback. On party you could atleast cash out partypoints for cash.
    • Timor83
      Joined: 08.06.2007 Posts: 2,793
      It depends. If Villain has a high WTSD%, it's definitely not recommended to push here. If it's low, I guess a push would be correct. Without any reads, I'd usually take the safe side and just call the checkraise. The reason is this: if he has a strong K or better, he probably would call your push anyway. If he doesn't, even though he's aggressive, there's a decent chance he'll check the turn, which gives you a free card.
    • rubysilesia
      Joined: 03.07.2007 Posts: 351
      If we assume that he is somehow aggressive preflop and reraises premium hands, we can put him on this pessimistic raising range on the flop:
      TT-22, AcJc, AcTc, Ac9c, Ac8c, A7s, K9s+, K9o+

      Board: Kd 2c 7c

      equity win tie pots won pots tied
      Hand 0: 57.498% 57.50% 00.00% 54646 0.00 { TT-22, AcJc, ATs, Ac9c, Ac8c, A7s, K9s+, K9o+ }
      Hand 1: 42.502% 42.50% 00.00% 40394 0.00 { QcTc }

      If we can make him fold pocket pairs I think it's +EV to push or 3bet. I guess a push might be better since we are getting a lot better fold equity and he might fold weak kings and better flushdraws.
    • Peter87
      Joined: 05.04.2006 Posts: 13,565
    • dhw86
      Joined: 07.12.2006 Posts: 12,263
      very aggressive means he is bluffraising the flop.
      we dont have implieds odds then to call our FD

      so we make a semibluffraise on the flop.

      i would say a potsize raise is good, but if he calls he has 20$ behind and we have to shove every turn.
      so push flop should be better. this move is +EV because of its fold equity.

      3bet/fold is bad here, because we're getting good potodds if we reraise 35$ and he pushes ... so we would have to call.