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    • j1gsaw
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      hello everyone :s_cool:

      i am new to the online poker world and i am very pleased this site has the option to get a free $50 bankroll on partypoker

      i would just like to start out with 1 question

      Whats the catch with this whole $50 free on party poker ? ?(
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    • 2PHIL888
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      hI j1gsaw

      I am pretty new to this site, but I can say there is no catch!

      I came across this site and was a bit sceptical also but signed up and went to poker stars and got my $50 deposit with them. I have to say it was all v easy.

      I told a couple of my friends one enrolled with party poker but to receive the $50 he had to make a deposit of about $25 and had to provide details ie. drivers licence and I trhink a utility bill. The other went somewhere else not sure which and I believe is now enrolled also.

      I get $10 each for initial enrollment and increments as they start earning strat points.

      The important thing is that the material on this site is the best I have come across to improve your game and I am currently playing at NL25 and am making anywhere from 10/100 to 30/100 return on my poker so far. So it is important to understand the principals before you start using your BR. It takes a while to put it into practice but once you know what you are doing you will see your BR increase!

      PokerStrategy.com get a rake from your playing at their affiliate sites and we get better rewards as well so a win/win.

      Hope this answers your question but also read their bus model http://www.pokerstrategy.com/businessmodel/ which makes sense to me.

      PS I don't know where you're from but if you live in the states I don't think you are eligible to join, not sure why
    • mattbaillon
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      no catch, just withdraw restictions, like you will need to play so many poker hands or earn so many points before you can withdraw.
    • Hadi
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      Hey j1gsaw and welcome :)

      Thanks for the explanation guys, couldn't have done it better