Just s aimple thank you to PokerStrategy.

    • SkZO
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      Hi my name is Mike. I would like to just take a moment and thank PokerStrategy for starting me off.. About 4-5 day's ago I joined Titan Poker through PokerStrategy. They gave me 50$ to start, I have played a few SNG's and mtt's. But I find that my cash game is unstoppable at the moment. That 50$ was turned into 455$ in practically 2 nights of playing 1/2$ - 3/6$ NL/Limit tables. I took a chance with the higher levels and prevailed. So thank you greatly PokerStrategy for getting me "started off".. I think your Articals on NL/Limit play have come into play ALOT here. I spent hours reading over them and re-reading over them. I find that these articals have helped my game out tremendously.
      Ok off about to play some 3/6$ NL cash games take care everyone thanks again! ;)
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    • chenny8888
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      not wanting to burst your bubble, but that's an upswing. you're using very risky bankroll management techniques and when your upswing ends, you will fall back down VERY hard... you should go back over the strategy guides and read about bankroll management.

      good news is now that you've got a kickstart, you can "start" on NL100... but i really really really recommend that you don't go beyond that yet.....
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      Originally posted by SkZO
      I spent hours reading over them and re-reading over them.
      I cannot believe you. I think you should reread also the bankrollmanagement article. If you don't stick to the rules of the bankrollmanagement you will be broke very soon.

      Good luck at the tables!
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      busto in 3 2 1 ...
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      Come on Mike, do you really think you're doing well. I suggest you to read the articles because obviously you didn't do that at all. But if you want to get broke as quick as possible, you're running good.
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      These posts sicken me when I'm down 10 buyins using proper bankroll management from Day 1. :/
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      Don't worry there is about a 200:1 chance that your bankroll will be bigger then his in say a time period of two weeks.
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      Yeah if a lot and multi table like i do you can lose a lot of buyins very quickly. Everyone wants to see you do well so I think you should maybe take it easy and learn about bankroll management using the nice little bump in your roll. When you do have a downswing which is inevitable if you continue to play you will be glad you did. you play