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    • ElvisMalkic
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      Is it still possible to get the starting bonus (50 USD) for I got referred here by a guy whom I met during a ring game on pokerstars he told me that he got the 50 USD from

      I solved the quiz and got to choose a pokerroom I want to use the bonus on now, but cant find PS :)

      Is it still possible to get it there or do I have to use it somewhere else?

      Thanks in advance

      Edit: After reading a bit trough the forum I figured out that PS is not available for the bonus in dezembre, does it mean I got to wait one month and than request the bonus? If its possible to do so at all :)
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    • pogodon
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      well i don't know when or if pokerstars is available to pick as the starting capital room, i know that if it was hypoteticaly available you need to be a new first time player without an account on pokerstars, so if you found about about ps through playing on pokerstars i guess you already have an account on pokerstars so i think you should pick a different poker room. ( full tilt, party poker or william hill << good rooms)
    • ElvisMalkic
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      I got the account for some time now, but never deposited, was playing some freerolls and got ITM, a 50 USD boost would suit me pretty well, so I guess I had to try it here :) not sure if it will work though
    • justkyle88
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      Hey ElvisMalkic,

      Welcome to and the community.

      What pogodon said is correct.
      If you have a previous account on a site it's generally not available to be re-tracked and to receive the $50 free starting capital is not possible on that site.
      But we do have plenty of other sites on offer.
      For the $50 free starting capital the available rooms can be found here:

      Also for First deposit bonus's:


    • ElvisMalkic
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      Thank you for your responses, I created a tracked account on partypoker due to this many fish there and no prior account :) Since I got allready and account on FTP and PS and thoose would have been the most interresting for me.

      Got a confirmation that my funds have been sent, so we will see how it works out :)
    • EagleStar88
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      Great, good luck & enjoy your poker on Partypoker ElvisMalkic.

      Let us know how you get on, study hard, play well & enjoy ;)

      Best regards,