Not making a great profit

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    • Putka66
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      In 9 man you have ITM 42% and ROI 0? Man you need to work on your game after bubble cause you finish on to many 3rd places in that case.
    • EagleStar88
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      Hi Sam,

      Your ITM seems good enough and you should really be making a small profit from that. What's your distribution between 1st, 2nd & 3rd?

      Of course 1st is where the majority of the prize pool is so you really need to be achieving circa 15% in each of 1st, 2nd & 3rd to be making a profit, the more 1st's the better ofc.

      Review the stats against your game, i.e. if you're achieving a lot of 3rd's are you hanging in on the bubble a lot? Whilst this helps get you 3rd place, you should really be playing for 1st.

      Similarly if you are losing a lot of the HU, are you getting yourself into a good position when starting HU? When down to 3 players, you need to be trying to chip up to put yourself into a good position.

      Sorry, not easy to describe on the forum and I'm not an expert or coach or anything, just mentioned from own experiences.

      More experienced members & coaches will no doubt post shortly, but if I can help at all, don't hesitate to shout.

      Best regards,

    • bradomurder
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      sample size
    • gedwashere91
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      Originally posted by bradomurder
      sample size
    • pzhon
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      It is usually possible to beat lower stakes games for a higher ROI than tougher, higher stakes games. There are some possible exceptions from high rakes and fast structures, but even games with a 20% rake are usually beatable for a high ROI since the games are filled with casual players trying to give money away.

      To make the comments about sample size quantitative, a rough 95% confidence interval for your true ROI after n tournaments is your observed ROI +- 310%/sqrt(n). So, in any set of 100 tournaments, it is not shocking to be running 30% above or below your long run average.