[Application] Looking for MTT sponsor (micro - low games)

    • ElvisMalkic
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      I have read and accepted the staking rules. By posting in this thread, every member acknowledges the same.

      Im looking for a sponsor for 0,25 MTT's (90 entries) will work up with the provided bankroll and in agreement with the sponsor.

      I play up to 12 hours a day, aprox 3000-5000 hands, depending on amount of tables played my average ITM rating is 50-60% I would love to play in bigger rooms but like stated above my bankroll is not allowing such stunts at this verry moment.

      If anyone who might read this is interrested in sposoring me up to 25 USD (100 entries) please pm me here. In advance this might be a cheap first step for a decent future cooperation, and I hope it will be fruitfull for both sides.

      Ill make this stacking thread in the according forum section once my status is changed to bronze.

      The poker room of my choice is pokerstars and my screen name there is the same as here.

      Can send a passport coppy and am open for proposals
      Thank you for your interrest
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    • MichaelM
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      Your Staking application has been temporarily closed, as the Feedback thread and the link to it is missing.
      Please read the rules for the staking board:

      Originally posted by Hadi
      • Stakees must create a separate thread in Staking: Discussion and Feedback and link it in his staking application. There is only one feedback thread per member.
      Please create a feedback thread in the Staking: Discussion and Feedback board.
      After you've done that, please use the -function and report this thread to inform a moderator about it. We will unlock your application again.
      Please do not forget to edit this thread with a link to your feedback thread.