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      I'm a decent poker player but I'm at the point in life and my poker career where I need to make a respectable amount of money playing it or I may have to stop playing or play less frequently.

      I have been injured with concussions and broken foot in the past year and that is a big reason why I started playing online poker, because I spent so much time bored at home resting and recovering. Now that I'm semi-recovered I need to find a job and I have to focus on school and finishing my bachelors of business degree.

      My username is rickyt88 on all sites.

      Overall on all sites through MTTs, SNGs SNG MTTs etc, I estimate my total profit is around $3000.

      Cash games is a different story I estimate I'm a slightly losing player maybe breakeven.

      I really want to improve my cash game skills and win rates.

      I feel like I'm lucky to have won money from donkaments and haven't put in the work or readings so I'm going to read a bunch of books and watch a ton of videos to improve my game because I want to be making $40,000+ in profit next year for poker mainly playing MTTs but cash when I dont have time for long MTTS. I have one final exam left and after it along with reviewing all the poker strategy videos and articles I'm going to read the following books:

      Online Ace - Done thought it sucked
      Harrington On Holdem Vol. 1 - Done
      Harrington On Holdem Vol. 2 - Done
      Harrington On Holdem Vol. 3 - I still have to finish and probably just gonna start from start
      Winning Poker Tournaments: One Hand at a time Vol. 1 I have it almost done but will re-read
      Winning Poker Tournaments: One Hand at a time Vol. 2 I have it will read soon
      Poker Tournament Formula - Arnold Snyder 1 and 2 I finally got these and will read
      Kill Everyone - I just got this
      Every Hand Revealed - Gus Hansen = I just got this also
      Tournament Poker: 101 Winning MOves
      The Theory of Poker - David Sklansky - Have it and might read
      Holdem Poker for Advanced Players - David Sklansky -Have it and I must read it soon
      Sit n Go Strategy - Colin Moshman = I got this have read half but need to re-read from start
      The Poker Mind set - Matthew Hilger - I have this might read

      And I am also planning on watching the following videos:

      Nick Wealthall's No Limit Tournament DVD set
      CR crushing the micro's series.

      I'm not sure what other tourney videos to watch, if anyone has something to add to this please do.

      My first step is to grind the $4.40 180 persons on stars till I reach a total profit of $1000 starting now. Last month I think I had a profit of $700 or so after playing 75 of them so it shouldn't take too long but you never know. I've had to withdraw most of my bankroll so my current bankroll is at around $500 on pokerstars and $400 on william hill. I plan to play cash on william hill along with occasional MTTs and I will cash out $500 every time I exceed $1000 on william hill as I dont think I need too big of a bankroll to play there.

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      Not a great first day, I don't like to whine much and I understand the variance in poker went out in all my tourneys with very strong hands and was very unlucky but it happens, I'll grind through it and hope for a better day tomorrow.
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      It was a pretty bad day I got a step 3 ticket through the steps and playing in the $82 hyper turbo tourney tons of pros in it I looked around my table eveyrone has has $200,000 or more cashes.

      The guy who knocked me out has made profits of $1.2 mill + Shaundeeb so I can't complain I knew he was shoving super wide and I was just hopinh it was Ax that I dominated in hindsight I think a fold is okay because the money ladder moves up pretty steeply but at the same time I was playing to win and my read that he was shoving wide was correct.

      No Limit Holdem Tournament
      6 Players
      Hand Conversion Powered by

      UTG shaundeeb (43k)
      UTG+1 TeamWispy (34k)
      CO lNormaJean (83k)
      BTN AmarulaBr (50k)
      SB t soprano (57k)
      BB Hero (33k)

      Blinds: 1.3k/2.5k Ante 500

      Pre-Flop: (6.8k, 6 players) Hero is BB Q A
      shaundeeb goes all-in 43k, 4 folds, Hero goes all-in 30k

      Flop: 7 8 K (79k, 2 players, 2 all-in)

      Turn: 3 (79k, 2 players, 2 all-in)

      River: 8 (79k, 2 players, 2 all-in)

      Final Pot: 79k
      shaundeeb shows two pair, Eights and Deuces
      2 2
      Hero shows a pair of Eights
      Q A

      shaundeeb wins 79k (net +36k)

      Hero lost 33k