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      Hi everyone and possible sponsors.
      My name is Andrei and i've been playing poker for 3 years.I've started as a freeroll player,continued playing small games live with my friends and for the last half of year been played on PokerStars,mainly SnG's.
      Currently I don't have a bankroll because i had to withdraw more then
      80% to solve some life issues and the other part of my bankroll got wasted since i was playing tilted(Was tilted for the same reason that i had to withdraw).But now everything is fine and i want to get back in business but can't save money for creating a bankroll since all of my money go to college fees.
      I would like to find a sponsor or more to fund my pokerstars account with 400$ which is 100 buy in's for the 4,4$ MTT sng's and will chop the profit like 60% the sponsors and 40% going to me.
      There u go my pokerprolabs account even though it's not to accurate since i ruined the sng graph while i was playing tilted. http://www.pokerprolabs.com/infinity899/pokerstars.aspx
      As you noticed my account name on pokerstars is Infinity899.

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