dont think money will come

    • damaincontender
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      something must be wrong...either i was silly enough to believe we would actually be given 50 cash or ur site is playing games with my head. lucily i have built up 120 dollars from a freeroll on pokerstars so im not going completely cray
      1 week and 2 days and still counting...tell me its not coming at least so i can move on and not have to log on 100 times a day to mansion to check
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    • ukino
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      have to log on 100 times a day to mansion to check
      I think you'll see it soon enough if you check only once a day. I'm sure the money will come if you just wait patiently :)
    • Puschkin81
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      Hi damaincontender!

      ukino is right: We are working on it and you will get your money. Since Mansion Poker is a new partner we still have some teething problems concerning the transfers. But I assure you that you will get your money.

      Sorry for any inconvenience!