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    • grishagrisha1
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      I registered for starting capital, passed the quiz, sent all necessary ID documents, so now I'm waiting for a call to approve my id. I choosed the time for the call, but for some reason I always get the call not at the time I asked, so I'm not be able to answer the call (I'm available only a few times a day on my phone). It happened twice already - so I wonder why bother writing the call time if I wouldn't get the call at this time?????
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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi grishagrisha1,

      Sorry to hear that you've experienced a few problems. The support team are very good and there might have been a reason behind the problems. It might not always be possible to call at exactly the time stated.

      I would suggest dropping them another ticket and trying to re-arrange the call again. Please ensure that they know the exact time range (use 24 hour clock or state am or pm etc) which would be convenient to you (try to be as flexible as possible) and also which time zone you are in, so there is no mis-understanding on time.

      Good luck & best regards,