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    • IEatSushi2
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      I have read and accepted the staking rules. By posting in this thread, every member acknowledges the same.HI i hope im doing this rite :baby: i have had some really good results on tilt....but iv also had poor br management and pretty much killed my br 3 or 4 times...im looking for anyone who would like too stake me on tilt (proNDAmaking) in any small to med size mtts win 60-40 to you....of late iv had i bad run but iv b een knowin to run very deep in some big tourns.....205th in the FTOPS #1 a week ago for $130 also 5th in PLO rush rebuy $3+30 for $214 a few weeks back :) let me no cheers

      p.s cash games kill my stats :(
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      Your Staking application has been temporarily closed, as the Feedback thread and the link to it is missing.
      Please read the rules for the staking board:

      Originally posted by Hadi
      • Stakees must create a separate thread in Staking: Discussion and Feedback and link it in his staking application. There is only one feedback thread per member.
      Please create a feedback thread in the Staking: Discussion and Feedback board.
      After you've done that, please use the -function and report this thread to inform a moderator about it. We will unlock your application again.
      Please do not forget to edit this thread with a link to your feedback thread.