NL5 RUSH Poker Stats analysis

    • groobie
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      I'm still learning how to use poker tracker so I'm not sure what most of these stats mean or how I can use them to improve my game so I thought I'd post them here and ask for advice.


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    • funktor
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      Hi groobie!

      Actually from your screenshots only last one is usefull...

      Important stats for initial evaluation are VP$IP, PFR and AF.

      For fullring game you would be looking for something like 15 / 10 and AF 2.4.

      The last screenshots shows your positional stats...

      From early postions your VP$IP and PFR should be same as first or second in the hand you want to raise. So for position 6-4 of BU your gap between VPIP and PFR is quite big - do not limp in to the pots, unless the game is really loose passive (than you can limp pocket pairs and play it for set value with most 1 raise behind you, but I do not recommend).

      You are putting quite a lot of money in from SB (30%), unless majority of that is completion of the SB, this migth be significant leak.

      Your PFR for BU and CO are 14% and 12%. You want to raise there way more (up to 30%).

      Try to send screenshot of the second sheet in PT3 - details for additional information.