Whats next?

    • Shuffler
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      I´v been playing on Party Poker for about a week now.
      My bank roll is at 95$ and I have collected 70 ppts.
      I have played the following types of games:

      8 3$ SnG: 1 win 4 second 3 losses = 24$ buy-ins, 41$ winnings = 17$ up

      15-20 freerolls: I got some minor payouts, but finished 3rd out of 950+ in one for 11.25$

      Lots of hands at micro limits 0.02/0.04 (beginners): About 16$ up

      Am I ready to move up yet?
      What should be my short term aim?
      What software do you recommend me to use at bronze level?

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    • Puschkin81
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      Hi Shuffler!

      Please reread our strategy articles and especially the article about bankroll management. These articles should help you to find out what's best in your situation. Please stick to the rules of the bankroll management. It's very essential if you want to become a successful poker player.

      Good luck at the tables!