Because of school I didnt get starting capital!

    • Pirags
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      I pass the quze with no mistakes !
      I read all the arctikles!
      But ves i was in school and my phone was left at home and my brother answered it ,I CANT GET STARTING CAPITAL!
      Thets just stupid!
      And in that chease , is a lyers , they lyed to me that they will give me starting capital for passing the quze !
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    • IhasLuck
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      that's one more blog im gonna be following, i can feel you're going to move up really quick!
      I vote for blog of the week
    • freespirit47
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      that's one more blog im gonna be following, i can feel you're going to move up really quick! I vote for blog of the week

      lol, +1

      also, lyers ITT :D
    • EagleStar88
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      Moved to beginners questions.

      Hi Pirags,

      Sorry that you have been refused the starting capital, however you will appreciate that the security measures are extremely important to protect PokerStrategy against possible fraud.
      It is very important that you are around at the time you put forward for obvious reasons.

      Please contact the support team to see if there is any possibility of rearranging the phone call. If not, you can still deposit a little of your own funds into your tracked account and continue to become a fully active member with all of the added value benefits that come with it.

      Good luck & best regards,

    • EmanuelC16
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      I think suing the school for those $50 is the only option. But get a good lawyer!
    • Pirags
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      But how can i know that thy gona call my ?
      My fried sad that maybe i just hawe to send my pssport copy !
      Please help me with all that , because customer serviss just dont care !
    • mrAuchi
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      Thats just not right !
      For one phone call , they deny capitall!
      Thats stupid !
    • Hadi
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      Hi Pirags, as mentioned by my colleagues, the decision made taken cannot be changed. But failing the ID check doesn't mean you can't be part of our community: You are still able to make use of our first deposit bonuses and earn SP to unlock new content :)

    • PocketAcesJohn
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      IMO thats harsh and stupid. DEclining somone there $50 because they couldn't pick there phone up (Maybe if they new a time you where going to call it might of changed things?).

      Theres no incentive for them to use your links now.

      Thats said the site =)
    • wuttehhell
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      I think PS should reconsider their account validation requirements.
      You just can't ask poeple to be availabe for a phone call 24/7, and not answering the phone is far from proving that one is trying to scam PS imo.

      Don't worry thread starter, they didn't even try to call me. I haven't gotten my 50$ yet, although I have provided them with all the information they required, not to say that I've raked them thousand of $$ probably.
    • Pirags
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      Yes, but I dont have mony now to deposit, and if ther is a chans wer you can get starting capital, but when ther is time to have thos 50$ they just think of some reason to dont give you them !
      Thats the problem!
    • ArtisSkirpa
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      This is really strange IMO. There should be a chance to just rearrange the phonecall, no?

      Pirags, if you do decide to deposit on your own I would suggest that you choose a different site, where your account is not linked to pokerstrategy, as there is no reason to let them make money of the rake you pay if they don't keep their part of the deal.

      I mean, everything worked well for my starting capital, and I'm very thanful to and my referrer for that as now poker is my main source of income, but come on. Is there really anything more than a ID scan necessary to prove youre identity. It's not like someones gonna fake passports for 50 bucks on a pokersite.

      What's even more annoying is that the staff/mods jump on these threads and the first thing they do is remind the OP that he can deposit on his own.

      Again, I love pokerstrategy and everything I've gained from this site, but IMO is at least partly responsible for more and more of these threads appearing. /Rant

    • EagleStar88
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      With respect ArtisSkirpa, PokerStrategy gives away many free $50 starting capitals and so deserves to set whatever criteria it feels necessary.

      In respect of this particular member or any other come to that, I, just the same as you, don't have access to the full information or know the full facts. For that reason I leave it to the support team to advise the member what is or isn't possible. I just try to help by pointing people in the right direction and letting them know that not all is lost even if you get turned down.

      Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and quite right too. The moderators just voluntarily give up lots of their own free time with one sole purpose... to help members (new or long-standing) wherever possible. We are members ourselves first & foremost.

      Best regards,

    • Pirags
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      But when I read thoes letters form customer serviss , it just seems they dont care abought !
      In that chase they have to rename they teks to FREE STARTING CAPITAL ,NOT FOR EVERYONE!
    • HannesZ
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      Hey Pirags,

      I am sorry that you haven't passed our ID check.

      We cannot repeat or disclose any details about the check.

      You still can become an active member of our community. We offer plenty of poker rooms, where you can earn StrategyPoints and get access to even more videos and articles:
      The Best Bonuses in Online Poker

      Best regards,
    • cojonel
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      [x] fuck school!

    • FlipFlop123
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      lyers :D
    • JHTAN
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      Originally posted by ArtisSkirpa
      ....... now poker is my main source of income, but ......
      Hi ArtisSkirpa,

      Do you might tell me how much income you make in poker per month? Because I wish to know how much money I expect to make in poker per month.
      Thanks. :s_biggrin:
    • RainbowPonny
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      Wow, people complaining about not recieving free money....