full tilt bonus

    • dreamdrifter
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      i have reached 128FTP just through playing HU sng's, so there were no "double ftp points" and i havent recieved 5$ bonus yet (as far as i understood, every 125 full tilt points i get 5$)
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      I don't know what you're talking about, and where do you read it could you throw a link?
    • dreamdrifter
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      my friend registered through pokerstrategy, and got their free starting capital on full tilt

      He played there and got 10 installments of 5$ each for every 125 FTP (or was it 100?).
      After 1250FTP (or 1000?) he cleared the bonus and he got the opportunity to cashout. (thats what the "50$+50$" offer means)

      My question is, why am i not getting that?
    • EagleStar88
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      Hi dreamdrifter,

      The situation on Full Tilt has changed since your friend joined. You now receive the $50 free starting capital and a 100% matching bonus (up to a maximum $600) on your own first deposit.
      This actually works out to be a much better deal in the longer run for you and you get to choose how much bonus to go for.

      When activated, your bonus should appear in the "my bonus account" part of your Full Tilt cashier. This will show you exactly how many ftp points you will need for each part of the bonus and progress towards it.

      Hope this helps, good luck & best regards,