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New Intro for videos...

    • negozin
      Joined: 26.06.2010 Posts: 3,369
      Hello guys,
      I know this could appear some type of copy from full tilt poker academy, but I consider a good idea, to use an opening music and one picture of the coach, as well his best results on the entrance of all videos, for now on, of course.
      (we could do one job of updating the backlog with time, but this isn't a priority)

      This will bring one extra quality for our videos, produced by poker strategy, because it's really good when we know that we're watching one video form someone that is really qualified to talk about that subject. Most times, we check videos, from someone we don't really know who is and what that person did until now, in terms of poker results.

      The actual opening fadeout from the pokerstrategy logo is really cool, I like that effect...
      But, even thought it's not possible to put the image of the coach, with his stats, it would be good to add some kind of sound effect to fit with that nice animation, that we all know.
      I know the videos follow one international pattern from poker strategy, but if the idea is good and a lot of members approve it, why we shouldn't change it?
      I also know that we have a bunch of other priorities right now, much more important than this opening for the videos, but we can add much more value to some products, on these little details.
      I wrote this on the portuguese forum, but I'd like to check your opinion here as well.

      and gg on tables !!!
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    • CBFunk
      Joined: 23.12.2006 Posts: 1,934
      Hi negozin,

      thanks for your feedback :)

      Like you already mentioned the video opening isn´t top priority right now and won´t be changed in the near future. But if we gonna change it we will definitely consider your feedback.

      Regarding an overview of all our coaches: We´d definitely like to give our members a nice overview of all our coaches with pictures and other info.

      So this is on our to do list for 2011 :)


    • negozin
      Joined: 26.06.2010 Posts: 3,369
      that's cool Clements,
      that was the same answer I received from the Brazilian Admin.

      Tks for your feedback,