Respect Villain's aggressivity in the micros

    • dondiego2000
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      One of the main problems I am facing currently in NL2 is that I either respect too much Villain when I beat him with the 2nd or 3rd nuts, or in the opposite don't give him credit other times when he actually have the nuts and thus lose a lot of money against him.

      With the weird play of some players in the micros, I really don't know when I need to respect the aggressive moves of my opponent, and when I should not.

      Any idea on that, or tips I that can follow?
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    • Royaltramp
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      I've found a HUD helps with this. For example, guy has (VPIP/PFR) 40/30, very loose very aggressive, don't really respect his raises etc here as much, but if say you're MP2, with AKo, and UTG+1 raises before you, he has 7/3 - with him raising UTG, as long as you have a good amount of hands in his stats, you can assume with a 3% PFR that he most likely has QQ, KK or AA here, and so the usual re-raise from AK isn't the best option and you might want to consider just folding.
    • dondiego2000
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      Hi Royaltramp,

      Thanks for your input. I agree that HUD helps a lot PF. However, my question was more regarding post flop situations.

      Here are 3 examples where I picked the wrong line against aggressive fishes:

      #1) I have JJ in the SB and raise 6bb PF (4bb + 2 limpers). Two opponents call. The flop is 732 rainbow and I bet my overpair 3/4 pot. One opponent raises me all-in by doubling my bet, and the other raises all-in as well 2.5x the new pot. I have to call almost all my stack if I want to continue and after some thoughts, I decide to fold. I believed that at least one of them had hit strongly (like trips or double pair). First opponent shows pair of 7 with a T kicker, the other has just a gutshot straight draw! Eventually, I would have won this hand had I called...

      #2) I am BB with 9:spade: 2:spade: . Nobody raises, so I check. Flop is 723, with a :spade: . Everyobdy checks, I am playing a free pot and don't want to get crazy with bottom pair. 3:spade: appears on the turn. Villain bets 3/4 of the pot with another guy behind me. I thus think he has certainly hit something like the trip 3, or at least hit a pair on the flop, or maybe he also has a flush draw that might be higher than mine. I think my odds are limit so I fold. The other guy calls. Then falls the A:spade: on the river giving me a flush! Villain bets the pot, the other calls. They show AQs and ATo. They had bet on the turn with just ace high! My bottom pair was still best on the turn and the flush would have given me the best hand...

      #3) I am AKo CO and re-raise 8bb a loose agressive fish who had raised PF 2bb from EP. Villain calls me in the BU and the initial raiser folds. Flop is A78. I c-bet with TPTK and Villain re-raise me. I really don't see what he could have called me with, as he was rather loose. I decided to 3-bet shove and Villain quickly calls and show 78 double pair! I don't hit my outs and loose almost my whole stack! I could only see him on broadway pair, Ax or Kx to cold call my 3-bet PF. As it wasn't the first time I had seen donk bets or re-raise with weak hands from players at the table, including Villain, I didn't respect his raise this time. That would have saved me a lot though...

      I could give a lot of other similar examples. So what else can I look at when I have to decide whether I have to give respect or not after the flop when Villain starts to get very aggressive despite me having a good hand?
    • thazar
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      to my opinion if you have the second or even 3rd nut, don't worry about pushing. Yes there will be times when you are behind, but chances are that you are ahead especially at low limits, so other time you'll make money.