Elephant - Expert HUD - which stats to display?

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      I just started with Elephant (it's my first tracker, and I used it for almost one week now), and I have to admit that I don't understand how I could play without a tracker before! It helps sooo much! Well, I started with the beginner's HUD (starting with the first steps before getting to the top of the stair :D ), and very fast I started to find the information not being precise enough (because I knew the expert HUD would offer a way more precise idea of each opponent). I then switched to the expert HUD, which I configured that way:

      VPIP - 2bet - 3bet - limp/raise
      AF - Openraise late position - fold SB to steal - fold BB to steal
      PFR - contibet - contibet turn - W$SD
      WTS - fold to contibet - fold to contibet turn - Handcount

      Several things: I'm not really happy to use two slots for "fold to steal", but I couldnt find a statistic joining them into a single one. I'd also like to add for the preflop play: fold to 2bet, fold to 3bet, and 'limp/fold' (but i'm not sure this stat exist, I did not check), for my postflop play i'd like: donkbets, bets, and checkraises.

      Here the problem comes: there is nit enough space! That's why I posted:

      1- Is there a trick I missed which could allow to switch between two (or more) HUD during play (for example allowing to have a preflop HUD, a flop HUD, and a turn+river HUD)? I don't think this have been programmed, since I am aware that being able to display 16 stats is already huge. However I am simply frustrated not to use the Elephant tool to its maximum efficiency.

      2- Do you think there are "errors" in the stats I chose to display or am willing to display? Which means stats that are either useless, or simply if I have two stats giving the same information (or if the combination of two stats already gives an information about a third one I am displaying, thus wasting a slot)?

      I know (and fully understand) that the first thing you will surely (or should!) answer me is that after only one week of experience with a tracker I should not that much information to be displayed. However I am already extremely confortable with those 16 stats (mostly because I don't allways analyze all of them deeply, I only take from them the information I want at the moment I want it, thus not overwhelming my mind with too much numbers at the same time.

      Thank you for your answers :)
      Note: I beg you to forgive my bad english (or at least the bad writing of my sentences). I understand that such a bad writing is unpleasant to read if the text is a bit long.
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