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Sent this to PartyPoker in a Pissed off mood would like some views

    • RGOD2
      Joined: 02.08.2010 Posts: 34
      Hi I am after recieving an email from your Site informing me that there are December Daily FreeRolls with $5,000 in prize money , When I logged in with My account it informed me that I could not Play these without Depositing. So why in the hell is it called a Free roll .Don t you think ye are making enough money from punters without Bullshitting them about free rolls. What are ye afraid of that I might Cash ? And what Then? I am still stuck to Re- Invest what Ever if any profit I make with your Site , Thats of Course I play My A game and Even then Its hard to compete with the Type of Punters that these tournaments attract ? i.e the Ones that don t give a shit and will call whatever raise you make just to get an early lead. Example you have pocket Kings 4 bet and they call An All In with Q, 3 suited and Outdraw You . So maybe your Site Is doing me a favour from keeping me away from these ridiculous Players. As stress levels increase this Season and Budgets get Tighter. I Have grinded a living with Live freeroll tourneys and sats and have done well from these but when it comes from making money online who are the Real Winners? I have already requested start up Bonus Capital which ye informed me that it was Only for new Members , Well I was a new member and Am still baffled at how you do not have Records proving the Supposed games I have played!! What about the Pro s who need and use this Information very effectively. Giving them hand ranges ,Variance and odds to push therefore maximizing their Profits, Not to mention mobile phone companies you cannot regulate or prevent collusion between Players. So what I am saying is I play extremely well without these benefits, but I may aswell be beating my head off a brick Wall , Because the odds no Matter how accurate I calculate them are always against me. And I love a Challenge but when it comes to weekly Expenses, On paper I cannot afford to Deposit any amount yet companies will look at your BANK details and conclude " well you can afford to deposit X amount For Leisure Activities ie Gambling ( Responsibly) and yet You cannot make Loan Repayments? Companies like this are secretly Delighted as this puts you in a position of Accruing Interest therefore you are stuck in Stale mate where The principal stays the same and you are just paying interest . Why not just call it Tax ? Sure is that not how most Governments are run? Shitting on the Little Guy and hope he Does not Realise his Potential and pray he never Figures out How much money he Makes for the Fat Cats while the Pull his Puppet/Muppet Strings and severe connections before a link is made. All the while Making them Dependant on Services and Communities/Projects that they do not even want to be in ,In the First place, Its Amazing How Humans can be so Easily Trained and Conditioned to Accept these Realities.
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